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Welcome to our developers portal where you can find everything you need to bring the power of private & secure face authentication into your applications.


{primary} Looking for a face recognition algorithm?

If you're looking for a new solution or to upgrade your exising one with state-of-the-art algorithms that has been top perform in international benchmark NIST FRVT take a look at our Face API.

{primary} Looking to build embedded face verification applications?

We know that integrating biometric authentication into your user-facing application can be a tedious and highly complicated task. Imagine dealing with the problems related to camera integration, analyzing the data stream to check for inconsistency and security vulnerabilities, and integrating a very complex low-level biometric SDK. They have multiple parameters to tune to get an optimized performance. Sounds too complicated, right? It doesn't need to be, take a look at the Biometric in Things API.

{primary} Looking to improve user authentication workflow?

If you're looking to create a frictionless, no password application or improving your existing with user authentication login with multi-factor biometrics: we got your back!

Our Web API enables easy integration of such capabilities in your software. As a bonus, we provide ready to go code samples on how to integrate with major identity management solutions such as auth0, Okta, Onelogin and more. Visit the documentation here.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

At Youverse, privacy-preserving is at the the core of what we do.

We do not store any images when calling our processing APIs unless our customer ask us to do so on their behalf. We discard the receivced images once the request is completed and the corresponding processing response is sent. In our APIs, we only store users encrypted biometric signature when strictly required for re-authentication purposes.

Contact & support

For more configuration information please contact us or join us at our discord community.