HTTP status codes

HTTP status codes indicate whether an operation is successful or not. While a response code of 2xx indicates the operation was successful, other error codes indicate either a client error (4xx) or a server side error (5xx).

While some errors are resolved if you simply retry the same request. The table indicates which errors are likely to be resolved with successive retries. If the value of the Retry column is:

  • Yes: Submit the same request again.
  • Yes if idempotent: Submit the same request again, but only if the given method has been implemented with idempotence.
  • No : Fix the problem on the client side before submitting a new request.
Status Meaning Description Retry
200 OK Successful operation No
204 No Content Successful operation No
400 Bad Request Bad request No
401 Unauthorized Unauthorized No
403 Forbidden Forbidden No
404 Not Found Not Found No
405 Method Not Allowed Method Not Allowed No
409 Conflict Conflict No
415 Unsupported media type Unsupported media type No
422 Unprocessable Entity Unprocessable Entity No
500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error Yes if idempotent
502 Bad Gateway Bad Gateway Yes if idempotent
503 Service Unavailable Service Unavailable Yes
504 Gateway timeout Gateway timeout Yes if idempotent